Sunday, December 9, 2012

Astrologically in Love

~ By Lucky

People look at the stars to find their perfect mate, that perfect soul mate. I wish life was that simple, I really do. But stars just burn, they only consummate hydrogen atoms to the point of dustism where they can be one of us. May be it’s the reason why we turn to stars to tell us which one of us was made out of the same star so that we can be one again. But life isn’t that simple, seriously. Most us of have been searching for that soul mate our entire lives. Many have found lots of mates too. But I doubt if any of us has ever really found that perfect soul mate, not even in stories or fairy tales or myths. Romeo and Juliet were just hormone studded youths unable to stand through harshness of life, Radha wasn’t even among the 16000+ girls that Krishna scored with, Sati would rather burn herself than face Shiva, and Adam was more comfortable facing God’s wrath than his ‘soul’ mate’s. Many are bred to believe that one day prince charming will come and sweep them right off the floor, that a princess is waiting for them in a tower, that true love’s kiss will fix everything, even bring back the dead, brainwashed to believe that a 6 packed handsome will spray his flute and a bikini blonde will come crashing from the sky. Dreams are manufactured in our heads and sold back to us only to be the fastest selling product of all times. Fairness creams are presented by a ‘white’ Priyanka Chopra, anti-ageing creams are sold through ‘glowing’ Kajol, and apparently Google pays you $374 per hour without any catch at all. It is all so clear yet we can’t see. Kardashians are renowned for their innocence and Mayawati will probably be mourned for all her ‘selfless’ deeds. We are so easily threatened by the mass that we only accelerate its gravity. Love for our love is fuelled just like the love for our god, out of depression, repression, fear and compulsion. When life showers us with uncertainty, we seek shelter in the shield of love. And what can be a better shield than the one forged through celestial geometry and heavenly algorithms. We so easily believe that godly calculations will get us through the ups and downs of life, that matching birth dates will smoothen the gravels of life. And as I write this, the ‘modern’ atheist will so easily be judgemental. The point is not if we have stopped chaining ourselves to the wheels of tradition, if we have started to touch beyond names or colors but if we have stopped chaining ourselves to the whims of the masses, gluing ourselves to their FREEFALL. Free because masses do not make any resistance to their fall. They will just fall wherever gravity pulls and keep falling until they are one with the rock bottom and still keep falling. The efforts of individual particles are never enough to get the rock flying. Nevertheless, they keep trying, frictioned from edge to edge, they keep burning until they turn to pure energy and elevate. (Reference to foreign figures have been made to avoid any possible confrontation with National Politics) 


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